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The first step would be to sit down and get to know you. We'll discuss goals and project objectives and any other relevant information.


With the information gathered from our brainstorm session, wireframes would be developed defining layout, interactions and content structure.


Once the wireframes are finalized, detailed mock-ups of key pages will be designed to show the look and feel of your product.


With the final creative concepts completed, the designs are then coded and transformed into a fully functional product.

I’m Emad Salah A.K.A SwordX, A Web developer and Graphics Designer.

Emad is a Fullstack web developer and a graphic designer. He has a passion for both coding and designing and harnesses his talents to give life to his work. He prides himself on his ability to create eye-catching and fully immersive user experiences while at the same time effectively demonstrating key information. Complementing core content with an element of entertainment allows Emad to direct the focus of the users of his websites in a unique way.